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Apple users in London can pay for transportation in one tap

It doesn’t require Face ID or Touch ID authorization — users should just tap and start their journey

The Express Mode option

Apple users in London can pay for transportation in one tap. Source:

Apple presents an Express Mode feature for travelers on London’s transport network. The Express Mode option covers the subway, buses, and trams. The only thing travelers should do is to choose the preferred card to pay for journeys and tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on the yellow card reader.

Even if the phone ran out of battery, Express Mode keeps working up to 5 hours after the red power reserve icon appears. What is more, it solves the problem of the payment penalty for not being able to prove a ticket purchase.

Apple never tracks journeys, and if users lose their gadgets, they can lock the card remotely. Express Mode is just for TfL services — all other payments still need Face ID or Touch ID authentication.


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