Aspiring UK virtual bank plans its global launch

The project aims to pilot in the US by May 2020, along with most of the European countries, Latin America and Asia

Supreme Fintech

Aspiring UK virtual bank plans its global launch. Source:

Supreme Fintech announced its intentions to expand the area of influence worldwide. It means that the company will function both as a virtual bank and investment marketplace for fintech firms worth investing in.

Along with 26 currency licenses so far, it has also issued by the EU global IBAN license issued by the EU that includes China’s currency renminbi.

Supreme Fintech collaborates with such partners as SocialPay, Bank of Lithuania, Tribe Payments, and Deloitte. It intends to cooperate with American Express, StyloPay, Mastercard, and Visa.

Among the most favorable services, the company offers 1-5% cashback on online or in-store purchases and 10-40% hotel discounts. What is more, users will get medical insurance and life insurance and access to the first-class airport lounge.