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Barclays reveals Gen Z’s career preferences 

Video games are believed to equip Gen Z with the skills required for future employment

Gen Z

Barclays reveals Gen Z’s career preferences. Source:

Barclays Business Banking published research on how video gaming popularity among Gen Z will affect their career choices.

The study shows that 68% of respondents would choose a career in gaming over becoming a lawyer, meanwhile 58% over being a medical worker. 56% of people surveyed would rather work in the gaming industry than be a professional athlete.

The bank claims that increasing interest in video gaming jobs is positive due to the fact that the industry continues to grow in the UK. For instance, Grand Theft Auto V, produced in the UK, is the highest-grossing media product of all time with over $6 billion in global revenue.

Barclays surveyed 2,003 people aged between 8 and 18 years old and found that 54% think video gaming is more fun than the real world. Besides, 62% of them consider gaming as their favorite hobby.

45% of respondents revealed they’d like to stream their gameplay on platforms like Twitch, as it gives them the ability to earn money from posting their content.

The research showed that 55% of young adults would rather play video games than watch TV, Netflix or Amazon Prime, whereas 68% prefer it to reading.

It’s encouraging to see more young people have the ambition to work in the video game sector, with the skills required to help the UK maintain its position as a gaming hub. Britain’s gaming ecosystem is thriving, already employing nearly 50,000 people across the development, creation, and publishing of some of the world’s most exciting games
Gavin Smith, Relationship Director for Tech and Media at Barclays Business Banking


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