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BBVA introduced a New Gen digital investment account

The launch seeks to meet the needs of a new type of investor client who prefers to operate independently by taking advantage of technology

New Gen

BBVA introduced a New Gen digital investment account. Source:

BBVA’s Swiss subsidiary, which specializes in private banking, is launching New Gen, a new digital investment account. It can be accessed with an initial deposit of $10,000 or its equivalent in euros or Swiss francs.

According to the press release, the client has to register through a form, make a video identification call, and in less than 15 minutes can start trading. To access the New Gen account clients only need to be at least 18 years of age, resident in a country of the EU, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru or Chile.

The New Gen account offers access to a catalog of companies and funds organized into 11 themes including climate change and the circular economy; or by technologies with great disruptive potentials such as robotics, 3D printing or autonomous vehicles.

The catalog also seeks to emulate the portfolios of major investors such as Cathie Wood or Warren Buffet. Meanwhile, the client can invest in traditional assets such as shares or investment funds, and also has a ‘wallet’ for cryptocurrencies, providing it with differential characteristics.

With New Gen we want to reach a new type of investor, attracted by new sectors that have great potential to transform the future. The new account offers a multitude of ideas so that every client can invest in what is of interest to them and in line with their principles, without obstacles or barriers, with one of the most competitive rates in Swiss banking and with all the guarantee and security of BBVA
Javier Rubio, Director of Client Solutions at BBVA Switzerland

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