Beeple’s Discord URL ‘hijacked,’ users’ wallets under threat

Another phishing scam got NFT artist’s Discord server hacked. Beeple warned users to be cautious


Beeple’s Discord URL ‘hijacked,’ users’ wallets under threat. Source: OpenSea

Famous NFT artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann informed he became the target of phishing scammers infringing his Discord server. The creator warned users that the URL link to his Everydays collection sold at Opensea was “hacked”. It was sending unaware new members to a wallet-draining Discord channel. 

The artist was not the first to note the discrepancy. A few hours before the announcement, Twitter user maxnaut.eth pointed out the URL related to Beeple’s NFT collection led to a “CollabLand wallet drainer,” directing members to verify account ownership in order to steal their crypto funds. 

While Beeple claims the URLs were hacked, blaming Discord for the incident, other members of the Twitter crypto community suggested that lax security measures are to blame. 

“This is a problem with a mismanagement of the Beeple Information Security apparatus. If you haven’t already, hire a vCISO (Security Officer), web3 doesn’t = Natively Secure.”
Black Alchemy Solutions Group

It appears that the issue with Discord URLs have been now fixed by the artist. At least, the vigilant maxnaut.eth stated that in another tweet. At the time of writing, the Discord link in the affected OpenSea listing also appears to be gone. Beeple has not yet disclosed how many users may have been impacted by the current malicious Discord links.

Up-to-date, no NFT can beat the stunning record of “Everydays: the first 5000 days” collage, sold for $69 million at the 255-year-old auction house Christie’s. Taken in retrospect, the artworks show the evolution of both Winkelmann as an artist and the larger society throughout fifteen years.


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