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bill_line: how Ukraine-based fintech startup developed payment solutions during 2022

bill_line, a Ukrainian-based fintech company, published the main results of its work in 2022. During the last 12 months, the company managed not only to upscale their worldwide payment business, but also to start an active growth stage.

Bill_line - the best fintech startup by PaySpace Magazine Awards

Main achievements

This year, bill_line did a big rebranding and updated its business strategy, which allowed not only to optimize the workflow of the company, but also to significantly improve their main product – internet acquiring with a custom checkout page.

With comprehensive design changes, as well as UI and code upgrades, bill_line partners’ average checkout conversion rate increased to 92%.

The average bill per transaction on partner projects increased by 6% сompared to 2021. Total amount of transactions raised up by 220%. An important point: the share of bill_line partners in worldwide markets is more than 60%. That’s why the impact of war and inflation on the average check is minimal.

bill_line - the best fintech startup

This year, the company was named the best fintech startup by PaySpace Magazine Awards.

"This year we passed a small startup stage and began an active growth. We revised our business strategy and based on the Partner Care principle, increased the segment of internet au0441quiring in different regions (Tier-1, South America) and started the first communication campaigns in our “native" Ukrainian market. But the most important thing: we saved our team in the first months of the war. Our stress on the support of our colleagues was the best decision we made – because people, professionals who are passionate about their work, are the main asset of our business."
Artsiom Liashanau, CEO bill_line

Social projects

bill_line helped to launch the new neonatal screening center, which was created by Okhmatdyt Hospital in Kyiv. This will help to conduct early diagnosis of children’s diseases and saves hundreds of lives.


In 2023 bill_line has big plans to continue the company’s active growth. This means not only launching new projects, but also the recruitment in devs and distribution teams.

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