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Blockchain-based tech to fight fake COVID-19 vaccines

The pharmaceutical company based in Singapore developed the system in collaboration with Accenture


Blockchain-based tech to fight fake COVID-19 vaccines. Source:

Zuellig Pharma has developed eZVax, report. This is a blockchain-based system that will fight against COVID-19.

The system can help authorities and healthcare providers eliminate fake vaccines and also assist in the management of the administration and distribution of the vaccines.

It was modeled with Microsoft technology. It also features eZTracker, a platform that enables the checking of the vaccine quality and authenticity by scanning a vaccine vial’s barcode. Since April 2020, Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong have used eZTracker.

According to information, the system can also be used to oversee the progress of vaccination programs and monitor the movement of the vaccines. It can also help the authorities decide on whether to open additional vaccine centers through the use of real-time data.

The system ensures that the vaccines are easily traceable, given the high perishability nature. Stock allocation is handled via reverse logistics, automated ordering, and waste management.

The eZVax system can also be used by people to track their vaccination journey all through to completion. This can be done by scheduling vaccination sessions, setting up their health profiles, getting vaccination reminders, and accessing their proof of vaccination.

We’ve reported that the COVID-19 vaccine could be mandatory for employees.


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