Brightwell and Visa Team Up for Cross-Border Payments Programs

Brightwell’s ReadyRemit platform will be enhanced with the Visa Direct functionality, providing additional benefits for customers’ cross-border payments programs

Brightwell and Visa Team Up for Cross-Border Payments Programs

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Atlanta-based payment products provider Brightwell has partnered with Visa to expand the functionality and real-time payment capabilities of its ReadyRemit platform.

ReadyRemit is designed to help businesses integrate global remittances into their products via APIs or SDKs. The platform gives clients access to near real-time or same-day payments in 180+ countries. The network supports bank accounts, mobile wallets, and cash-out locations across various payment types – B2B, B2P, P2P, and P2B.

Powered by Bancorp Bank and Brightwell’s international payment partners, ReadyRemit helps businesses quickly launch global payment programs, drive customer loyalty and capitalize on new revenue streams. Besides, the program offers compliance-as-a-service features including KYC, OFAC, AML/BSA, and transaction monitoring.

Through the use of Visa Direct, Brightwell customers can now launch a fully managed cross-border payments program with regulatory compliance, tier-two support and pricing management included in the package.

Furthermore, the ReadyRemit platform can reach over 3 billion eligible debit and prepaid cards globally. It provides more global payout options for different use cases. These may include capital disbursements, cross-border payments, account transfers, peer-to-peer transactions, and more.

Per recent reports, Visa is interested in purchasing the Pismo cloud banking and payment platform that has just introduced a new credit instrument that allows financial institutions to create solutions tailored for customers.

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