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Britons face difficulties with saving money

More than half of Brits struggle to manage their daily spend

Daily spending

Britons face difficulties with saving money. Source:

According to the Barclays research, 63% of Brits admit they struggle to stay in control of their spending. 39% of them confess in spending on unnecessary products just out of boredom. Some people revealed they have even started keeping their money in the underwear drawers (22%) or even stowing it under the bed (17%).

At the same time, 35% of the people surveyed are aware of the fact that they spend too much on the items when they know they shouldn’t. 23% admit to spending too much money because there’s nothing to stop them. Some Brits (24%) say they feel unsettled if they haven’t gone shopping for a week.

This way, Barclays has collaborated with TV personality – Fearne Cotton to design bespoke illustrations for a selection of lucky Brits, reaching their goals, interests, and motivations. Barclays customers will be able to use the free debit card personalization service, printing their image onto their card as a daily reminder of their actions and goals.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to reach their goals. Whether it’s by putting a picture on their debit card that will keep them motivated, or personalising the way they use their card through our app. In our app, customers can access a range of personalised features including setting spending limits and turning on or off categories such as shopping online, pubs, restaurants and much more
Sue Baines, Head of Personalised Debit Cards at Barclays 


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