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Brits intend to spend over £1B on technology repairs post-lockdown

Almost half of the population faced problems with their technology in the past 12 months


Brits intend to spend over £1B on technology repairs post-lockdown. Source:

According to Barclays, outdoor activities and an incredible sporty summer can cost Brits more than £1 billion to replace or repair personal electronic devices.

The data found that an average British customer has doubled the amount of technology they owned during the pandemic to £1.78k worth of technology. However, despite the fact that the restrictions have kept not only the British, but also their new laptops, phones, tablets and other gadgets from damage, the world is opening up, and this may change.

Public transportation (25%), pubs (23%) and shops (15%) were identified as the most popular places where people typically found their electronics in danger, with broken phone screens (30%). Another equipment damage (22%) and loss of a gadget (20%) are the most common technical issues.

With a lot of Brits re-adapting to life as we emerge from lockdown, it’s inevitable that some accidents will occur, especially after a year living at a different pace. Although 65% of us recognise there is increased risk of breaking or losing our gadgets whilst out and about enjoying activities such as BBQs and pub trips, we don’t always take precautions in advance
David Kelly, Head of Insurance at Barclays

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