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Brits unveiled their major banking concerns

People are currently struggling with their banking services amid the coronacrisis

banking concerns

Brits unveiled their major banking concerns. Source:

Metro Bank has found that 48% of people are worried that bank branches will operate on reduced hours or close completely after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, 41% of Brits say banks they use have reduced their opening hours, whereas 12% reported that banks have closed completely.

At the same time, consumers fear banks will abandon the high street and face-to-face service.

The report has unveiled that 44% of clients have been impacted by this. When asked if they had struggled to do their banking as a result, 27% agreed.

And this comes at a time when more than one-third are worried about their finances as a result of the pandemic.

According to the survey, 58% of people agree banks set their opening hours based on what suits the bank, rather than what suits their clients. Nearly half of Brits would also like bank branches to open earlier in the morning, later at night or on weekends.

We’ve reported that Metro Bank has launched a technology allowing businesses to capture, store, and link receipts to transactions in their mobile business app.


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