CaixaBank issues the first payment card with a Braille system in Spain


CaixaBank issues the first payment card with a Braille system in Spain. Source:

CaixaBank has announced the launch of the first Visa card with a Braille reading code in Spain to make it easier for people with visual disabilities to pay in stores without relying on other persons.

The solution, developed in collaboration with ONCE and Visa, will now be applied to CaixaBank’s Visa ‘MyCard’ cards, and will soon be able to be implemented on all types of cards issued by the entity: credit, debit and prepaid cards.

The new card is very similar in design and features to any other card issued by CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, however, the key information for making purchases is indicated in Braille.

Customers will have a pack of two cards to use comfortably in all types of channels. One of them is the usual card format, with contactless payment to make payments in physical stores and also use at ATMs.

The main difference with the rest of the Visa cards issued by the entity is that the identification number (PAN) is in Braille code.

The card’s launch begins with a pilot test for selected customers in the Community of Madrid. Once this first phase has been completed, throughout the Q3 of 2022, contracting will be freely opened to people who request it through the entity’s commercial network.

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