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Canadians will choose new design for $5 banknote

The public consultation process is expected to start in late January

Canadians will choose new design

Canadians will choose new design for $5 banknote. Source:

Bank of Canada announced the launch of public consultations to select a famous Canadian to appear on the next $5 banknote. The citizens can submit nominations through the Bank of Canada by March 11, 2020

Back in 2016, the Bank’s campaign resulted in the selection of Viola Desmond, a defender of human rights and social justice. She was portrayed on the vertical $10 banknote. Besides, the redesigned $10 banknote won the Bank Note of the Year Award from the International Bank Note Society.

When we launched the last round of consultations, we never could have anticipated the enthusiasm of Canadians, both for the process or for the historic banknote that featured a Canadian woman for the first time, civil rights pioneer Viola Desmond. We’re excited to see who the public will nominate for the $5 banknote and look forward to celebrating another incredible Canadian
Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance 

An independent advisory council consists of eminent people from academia, the cultural sector, and civil society. It will review all nominations who meet the criteria. With the support of historical and public opinion research, the council will develop a list of candidates for submission to the Minister of Finance.


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