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Challenger bank integrated popular fintech solution

Find out how to set up a new feature for business

Challenger bank integrated popular fintech solution. Source:

Revolut Business joined forces with Xero as an integrated partner. As the bank noted in its blog post, the Revolut Xero integration was the most highly requested feature for its business accounts.

The integration provides customers with:

  • Full automation — seamless synchronization of transactions between the two platforms.
  • Accurate financials – transactions get updated much more frequently and the user can also manually re-sync their transaction feed at any time.
  • Better statements — superior statements in Xero include support for multi-currency accounts, payee name, notes and more.
  • Complete control – Xero integration allows user to sync, pause and resume activity at any time, at the click of a button.
  • Set up in seconds — if a user has already been using both Revolut Business and Xero, they can simply sync up their accounts.

To set up the feature, log into your Revolut Business account, navigate to the Connect tab in the menu and click on the Xero button. Then, follow the steps on screen to connect to your Xero account.

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