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China’s biggest telecom company partners with fintech firm

China Unicom is one of the biggest telecom companies in the country with around 320 million mobile billing subscribers

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China’s biggest telecom company partners with fintech firm. Source:

Fintech solutions provider Pintec announced an agreement with China Unicom, enabling its payment platform Unicompay to offer next-generation handset financing services to its subscribers.

The partnership will allow customers to buy mobile phones online and offline with zero or limited down payment, improving payment flexibility and access to financing.

Pintec provides real-time credit assessment based on internal and external data sources for financial institutions. After customers complete online applications for installment loans, the whole process takes only a few minutes.

Pintec has accumulated rich experience in serving telecom operators. Before this, Pintec cooperated with China Telecom and China Mobile, providing them with widely proven digital installment loan solutions. We have gained deep understanding of telecoms, their customers, and the mobile phone market through years of field research and training in hundreds of cities across Chinarn
Allen Dong, acting CEO of Pintec

As long as China Unicom as been accelerating the commercial deployment of 5G networks, the jointly developed financing services will also include 5G mobile phones.


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