Chinese consumers are paying up to get rid of tedious tasks

Alibaba Group’s Taobao Marketplace found that Chinese consumers are paying up to rid themselves of tedious, time-consuming tasks

Chinese consumers are paying up to get rid of tedious tasks. Source:

According to the report by Taobao, consumers this year have spent $2.31 billion on products that cater to the lazy, a 70% increase over last year. And the biggest portion of that growth was fueled by young shoppers born after 1995, a demographic that is a key source of growth for China’s consumption-driven economy today.

They are spending more on optional lifestyle goods than necessities, Taobao reported. Some top-trending products on the site include one-swipe eyeshadow palettes, a fuss-free instant hot pot, gamer chairs and smart home appliances, such as automated cooking machines and robotic window-cleaners.

The needs of young Chinese seeking more convenience have expanded the market for new types of products and services, such as food-delivery, Currently, from booking house-cleaning to doctor appointments, almost everything can be ordered on-demand and paid for digitally in major Chinese cities.

See Taobao’s full infographic below:

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