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Cilab’s New Feature Lets Engineers Visualize NFC Terminal RF Field

NFC testing company Cilab has improved its high-speed tester with a new feature that enables NFC terminal manufacturers to test a device’s RF field by making it visible

Cilab’s New Feature Lets Engineers Visualize NFC Terminal RF Field

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NFC innovator Cilab added a visualization feature to its high-speed tester that enables NFC terminal manufacturers to see the device’s RF field in the form of a shmoo plot, 3D plot and intensity chart.

The enhanced ci230 test suite now allows development engineers to get a deeper insight into a terminal’s RF performance. The new feature makes the device’s RF field visible in high-resolution graphs based on more than 25,000 measurements.

Therefore, in about 10 minutes, manufacturers can get a very good overview of what the RF field looks like, and estimate critical parameters like power transfer and receive sensitivity. Besides, shmoo plots identify ‘dead spots’ in the RF field generated by the antenna in their device. That helps eliminate interoperability issues caused by problems with the RF field.

With the new feature, ci230 facilitates understanding of how a POS terminal or smartphone behaves in real life, along with already-provided high-speed EMVCo, NFC Forum and ISO compliance testing.

Moreover, NFC terminal manufacturers can now use visual reports to show the benefits of their technology to the end customer, creating additional value beyond formal certification. Visualization will help businesses to make more informed choices while choosing the right payment terminal.

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