Citi bank launches platform to support investments in US

Over 8,700 census tracts have been designated as Opportunity Zones across America

Opportunity Zones of America

Citi bank launches platform to support investments in US. Source:

Citi announced the launch of City Builder by Citi platform. It’s one of the first platforms that provides an intuitive, comprehensive view of investing. This data-driven, web-based platform accumulates information about US Opportunity Zones.

It plans to increase transparency and access to information so that investors, fund managers, developers, municipalities and community members could work together on community development projects.

Opportunity Zones were designed to increase job creation in urban and rural areas that would benefit from additional investment. Private investors can receive capital gains tax deferments by serving public interests and stimulating new business there.

City Builder addresses multiple needs. Investors can use it to make a positive impact, while cities receive an influx of capital, and by addressing each community’s specific needs, residents become the ultimate and largest beneficiariesrn
Valla Vakili, Managing Director & Head of Studio at Citi Ventures


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