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Colombians can now pay on Amazon using local currency and methods

The announcement was revealed at the Latin America Summit

Amazon EBANX

Colombians can now pay on Amazon using local currency and methods. Source:

EBANX and Amazon have announced a partnership to allow Colombians to pay for purchases within Amazon in their local currency and using local payment methods.

That’s the first step on a strategic expansion of the companies in the region, as they mentioned at the Latin America summit.

We are really excited about the opportunity in Colombia. With the large population, we believe there is a lot of upside. By partnering with EBANX, we hope to get access to a lot more customers out there. We are looking to enable more local optionsrn
Srinivas Rao, director of digital and emergent payments at Amazon

The partnership with Amazon uses technological products that are aligned with EBANX’s vision of increasing access to the digital economy.

We’ve reported that Amazon is on course to invest $18 billion this year to help independent businesses sell to customers, including investments in logistics, tools, services, programs, and people.


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