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Consensus 2023 by Coindesk — 26-28 April, 2023

Join Pay Space Magazine at Consensus 2023, Wednesday April 26 through Friday April 28.

Explore and participate in impactful discussions, informative workshops, and insightful leadership presentations that Consensus 2023 has in store for you.

Hosted by Coindesk, Consensus is the largest event for the crypto community. Bringing together the diverse and innovative members of this community to address differences, tackle challenges, and seize the opportunities presented by DeFi and blockchain technology, which become more crucial to autonomy and prosperity by the day.

Following a tumultuous year for crypto, it is a time for reflection, rebuilding, and reiterating the purpose of our work. Despite negative headlines, genuine progress in this field continues and is even gaining momentum, despite the downturn in token prices.

Consensus 2023 offers 3 days, 6 stages, 3 summits, 25 speakers, inexhaustible opportunities to learn, advance, inquire, and connect with the crypto community.

Pay Space Magazine is happy to be among the media attending and reporting to those interested in a future that is decentralized, secure, and informed beyond merely the financial aspect.

Register now to get access to Consensus 2023. Stay tuned for coverage of the event!

Alice Pylypenko

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Alice is an editor, journalist, and essayist. Educated in psychology and dedicated to decentralization efforts, Alice continues to disclose the capabilities of Bitcoin to cultivate liberty, equality, and solidarity while shedding light on misinformation, power overreach, financial scandal, and the reasons behind them.