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Coronacrisis positively affected UK small businesses’ productivity

The prospect of working remotely for months was a major concern for UK small businesses

UK small businesses

Coronacrisis positively affected UK small businesses’ productivity. Source:

According to, small businesses were twice as likely as larger firms to have concerns about their survival during the pandemic.

In fact, 21% of small firms are considering the prospect of working remotely indefinitely a major challenge, up from just 15% of larger businesses.

Besides, 31% of small business respondents said they had some degree of concern, compared to 19% of larger businesses.

However, the research from UK telco Vodafone has found that 40% have been more productive since starting to work from home in March.

In addition, local economies are benefiting from the rise in home working. That’s because 25% of homeworkers are visiting their local coffee shop or café at least once a day.

The survey also revealed that working from home has not damaged Brits’ productivity. That means that 40% of workers were putting in an average of 642 extra hours, equal to 26 extra days since lockdown began in March.

Meanwhile, three-fifths of employees unveiled they are working in the time they would usually be commuting.

We’ve reported that over 80% of Americans would still like to work remotely.


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