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Covid-19 leads to revenue and labor loss across Europe

COVID-19’s outbreak has a significant impact on European e-commerce

revenue and labor loss

Covid-19 leads to revenue and labor loss. Source:

65% of EU national e-commerce associations think that the coronavirus will lead to a decline in sales, according to Ecommerce News. What is more, they think it will cause a partial or complete closure of business during quarantine measures and the release of staff.

The survey found that a slightly lower share thinks the virus will lead to financing problems, whereas 55% expect delivery delays or replenishment disruptions.

Besides, 70% of the respondents answered that the expected decline in revenue will come mostly because of lower sales. At the same time, 45% think COVID-19 will cause lower demand and a lack of stocks.

Although the closure of many physical outlets leads to e-commerce booming, in the end, the coronavirus will lead to less revenue for many players across Europe.

As to the profiting sectors, those are healthcare, grocery retail, and consumer electronics. Among the suffering sectors are tourism, transport, physical retail, and event industry.


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