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Crypto Community Gets Creative with AI Chatbot

Crypto Twitter users create trading bots, investment theses, blogs and crypto-themed songs with ChatGPT AI chatbot

AI chatbot

The new AI Chatbot offers more creative opportunities than expected. Source:

Twitter users have shared multiple creative applications of the recently launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot launched by research company OpenAI. The crypto community has already tried creating a trading bot, a crypto blog, and even an original song about crypto with the bot’s help.

Exploring the utility of ChatGPT, crypto users have tested it for creating simple smart contracts, trading bots, and trading terminals linked to Binance API. They have also asked for assistance in patching or exploiting vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

However, the new chatbot can also easily perform the job of a crypto blogger. For instance, Twitter users have posted examples of ChatGPT creating short essays and theses about blockchain’s positive impact on society or the growth of payments over crypto rails. The bot also provides solid advice on how to choose a good crypto project, grow a Twitter audience within the NFT community, or communicate with crypto investors.

The AI tool has a language interface that can be used to answer questions or assist in making something. To do that, ChatGPT is using verbal prompts and instructions. The bot can not only answer customers’ requests but also admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, debug programming codes, and reject inappropriate appeals.

During the research preview, the usage of ChatGPT is free. However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admitted it will have to be monetised “somehow at some point.”


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