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Crypto guidebook: unusual places where you can pay with BTC

Some people actively use digital coins as one of their payment methods

pay with digital coins

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Bitcoin was developed more than 10 years ago. Most countries, as well as the majority of people, are still undecided about digital assets and are still questioning themselves «Is it worth using crypto?». While some doubt cryptocurrency usage, others actively use digital coins as one of their payment methods. That’s why you can buy pizza, pay for a beautician service, and even make a donation to the fund of a church using cryptocurrency nowadays.

Higher education

The University of Nicosia, Cyprus


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It is the world’s first higher education institution which accepts bitcoins as a means of payment of tuition fees. The University of Nicosia started to accept cryptocurrency in 2013. Moreover, there are special crypto and blockchain courses available for students. The University of Nicosia offers the first “Master of Science in Digital Currency” degree, available worldwide through an online format.

Religious endowments


Shacklewell Lane Mosque, London

No matter how paradoxical that may seem, virtual money is not haram (forbidden or proscribed by Islamic law). Therefore, this Muslim place of worship, located in London, decided to make use of this opportunity. Now, the congregation can pay zakat (a payment made under Islamic law, which could be considered a form of tax) with bitcoins and ethereum.

Evangelical Church ICF in Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its positive attitude towards the crypto industry. So, the Swiss religious community is too. They decided that it is not a problem for alms-giving to be made in cryptocurrency. International Christian Fellowship, or just ICF, uses different currencies for it, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ripple, and Stellar.

St. John the Evangelist Church, New York City

This was the first church that showed the world what was like to be crypto-friendly. The church endorsed acceptance of donations in BTC in 2013. The congregation were donating from $100 to $1000 in BTC.


Beautician services


Shonan Beauty Clinic, cosmetic service, Japan

74 beautician clinics in Japan are prepared to accept bitcoins. This was made possible with the help of cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer.

My Doctor Medical Group in San Francisco, California, USA

This medical institution seems to be a traditional one, and its range of medical services doesn’t include any alternative medicinal ways to cure their patients. However, a patient can pay for any medical service using bitcoins.


Adult entertainment

Legends Room strip club, Las Vegas, USA

In May 2017, strip club Legends Room became a place where visitors could pay with crypto. You can order drinks in the bar, or pay for a private dance using cryptocurrency. There are QR codes, placed on dancers’ bodies via temporary tattoos, which contain crypto wallet addresses.


While Playboy is only implementing crypto as a payment method, porn site Pornhub has already started to accept virtual money. Customers are able now to pay for “Pornhub Premium” using Verge currency. The website management recently announced that they are going to accept Tron and ZenCash.


Cryptocurrency in politics

Libertarian Party, Alexandria (Virginia, USA)

Key party principles are liberty and laissez-faire capitalism, while economically this organisation has much in common with the Republican Party. You can support the party’s activities with bitcoins. The organisation is open to contributions in BTC through the BitPay payment system.

Funeral & Cremation Service

Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA)

Clients, who pay for funeral service with bitcoins, get a 3% discount.

 Marijuana for BTC

Seed City, Sheffield, UK

You can buy cannabis here, and it will be perfectly legal. Moreover, you can pay for it with crypto assets. Purchasers, who have chosen BTC as a payment method, get a 10% discount.



Fines4U, Alberton, (South Africa)

RSA residents can now pay fines for violations of traffic rules with bitcoins. Fines4U workers are even ready to help with paperwork so that clients could pay fines as soon as possible.

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