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Crypto investments negatively impact on personal relationships

The research also found that 4 out of 10 people want to pay with cryptocurrencies in 2022


Crypto investments negatively impact on personal relationships. Source:

According to, 60% of Bitcoin investors revealed their belief in crypto and their investments have negatively impacted on their personal relationships.

In fact, for those US investors who have invested a particularly large proportion of their assets in cryptocurrencies, it is significantly more who report negative effects on social life. If 50% to 75% if the net assets are invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co., 94% report negative effects

Besides, for 83% of Germans, openness and equality in finances are important factors in a happy relationship. This demonstrates that financial concerns can have a major impact on relationships and the social fabric.

Despite strong price gains, search volumes on Google for the term “cryptocurrencies” was even higher in 2017 than it is today. The Google Trend Score, which indicates relative search volume, currently stands at 75, with 100 representing the highest possible search volume (5-year review).

We’ve reported that MoneyGram now lets customers buy and sell Bitcoin.


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