Danish beauty subscription service to acquire Finnish startup

Goodiebox is now available in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland

Goodiebox and Bette Box

Danish beauty subscription service to acquire Finnish startup. Source:

Goodiebox announced the acquisition of Bette Box, a Finish startup, selling beauty on subscription, Ecommerce News reveals. That would be the first out-of-company investment for Goodiebox.

Goodiebox, which raised €5.7 million in June 2019, not only acquires the company and its brand but the Finnish team behind the startup as well.

We don’t normally make investments in other companies, but founder and CEO Anna-Riitta and her team are out of the ordinary and we see great opportunity in her company and team
Rasmus Schmiegelow, Goodiebox’ CEO 

Bette Box started as a subscription-based service Livbox. But in 2016, Finnish company Boxie Oy acquired it and then rebranded it to Bette Box, named after actress Bette Davis. Now, it’s decided that Bette Box will continue under the Goodiebox name. The first corporate box under this name will be released in February 2020.

Anna-Riita Vuorenmaa, founder and CEO of Bette Box, will continue as country manager for Goodiebox, in Finland and Sweden.


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