Danish e-commerce startup expands in Europe

Goodiebox expands in Europe

Danish e-commerce startup expands in Europe. Source:

Danish e-commerce company Goodiebox is expanding in Europe. The beauty tech startup launched in Austria last week and just went live with pre-launch websites in Finland and Switzerland. Goodiebox will go live in these countries approximately a month from now, while the German website will be launched later this year, Ecommerce News reports.

Goodiebox is a startup that provides a monthly subscription for a box of beauty products. Only a couple of months after the e-commerce company raised 5.7 million euros, it announced it had just reached the landmark of 100,000 members in Europe.

That’s a significant increase from one year ago, when Goodiebox had 40,000 members. But in the last sixteen months, the company expanded to five new markets as it’s now present in Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

And the growth isn’t stopping yet. Goodiebox is expanding to Switzerland, Finland and Germany in the coming months.

Within the next 18 months, Goodiebox has the ambition of becoming the number one in Europe. There are a lot of companies with similar concepts, with the Hut Group-owned Glossybox being the largest in Europe at the moment.

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