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Demand for drones significantly increased amid pandemic

The use of drones gained significant popularity nowadays


Demand for drones significantly increased amid pandemic. Source:

Drones faced a great demand around the world since they perform essential operations amid COVID-19 pandemic, according to GlobalData.

For instance, they are already being used as a law enforcement tool to order the public to stay at their homes. What is more, drones are useful for disinfecting public places worldwide. They are also starting to be used to deliver food and medicines to the housebound.

Drones are here to stay and, despite public reservations over privacy, the public will have no choice but to get used to them. UK police forces have used drones to monitor countryside walkers who should have stayed at home. In China, drones equipped with thermal sensors have been used to find sick people walking around in public places who should be at home. In some African countries, drones are already being used to deliver blood transfusion samples. All this activity is good economic news for drone makers such as DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec
David Bicknell, Principal Analyst of Thematic Research at GlobalData

The report also revealed that Irish-based startup Manna Aero has started a drone delivery service in Moneygall, delivering prescription medicine to vulnerable housebound people.


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