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Deutsche Bank & NVIDIA to Accelerate AI Use in Finance

The partners will focus on three use cases: risk model development, high-performance computing, and the creation of a branded virtual avatar

Deutsche Bank NVIDIA AI

Deutsche Bank & NVIDIA to Accelerate AI Use in Finance. Source:

Deutsche Bank and NVIDIA have signed a multi-year agreement to accelerate the use of AI in financial services. The collaboration will use NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software suite to develop applications across the bank’s business.

The software suite can run both in the cloud and in the data centre. The initial use cases will include risk model development, high-performance computing, and branded virtual avatars. “Every aspect of future business will be supercharged with insight and intelligence operating at the speed of light,” claims NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

The team has already developed an early concept of a corporate 3D virtual avatar. It is aimed at internal use, helping employees navigate banking systems and responding to HR-related questions. However, in the future, Deutsche Bank plans to explore immersive experiences with customers as well.

In addition, the partners are testing various language models called Financial Transformers. They will run AI and ML models to help in faster data retrieval and identifying data-quality issues. Potentially, the use cases for extracting critical information from unstructured data will multiply over the years of cooperation.


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