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DNB Automates 50% of Chat Traffic with AI

Since October 2018, DNB has implemented a conversational AI chat platform as the first-line customer support. As of now, the bot has interacted with over one million customers

DNB AI chat


Nordic bank DNB has automated over half of its chat traffic with the help of’s conversational AI platform.

Since 2018, the bank has been using virtual agents as the first line of customer support. Within the first six months, the Aino agent had automated over 50% of all incoming chat traffic, having interacted with over a million customers up to date.

Aino is powered by conversational AI, with capabilities far superior to those of a typical chatbot. Besides, the bank now has 15 full-time employees dedicated to training virtual agents. Therefore, the AI platform now automates over 22% of DNB’s total customer service traffic across all channels.

Furthermore, the use of Aino has contributed to a steady increase in customer satisfaction. Thus, CSAT scores for the virtual agent hit all-time highs of 68% in Q3 2020. Nevertheless, the bank’s team is constantly improving the AI service, using analytics tools built into the platform to gather customer feedback and understand what is working.

Additionally, DNB has applied the same ‘chat-first’ approach to its internal support. It has a number of virtual agents on’s platform that assist employees with HR requests, legal issues, etc. For instance, Juno, an advisory bot for customer service and retail banking employees, replaced long-read employee manuals with a friendly, conversational interface that makes finding information easier. Juno has over 5,000 daily users and has a high accuracy rate of 80%.

The use of AI appeared beneficial for consumers who don’t have to wait in line for a live chat with their daily requests. Besides, the technology is also helping employees focus on the complex tasks they were trained for rather than tedious routine administrative work.

Through the application of data and advanced technologies to optimise both internal efficiency and the customer experience, DNB is trying to maximise the value of the bank’s digital transformation.


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