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Dual-currency debit card, euro business accounts: new Starling solutions

UK digital bank Starling now allows its customers to purchase directly in pounds and euros with a single debit card

Starling Bank

Dual-currency debit card, euro business accounts: new Starling solutions. Source:

Starling Bank launches business euro accounts and the dual-currency card. With these new solutions, the bank hopes its 77,000 business customers will make transactions across the Eurozone with reduced costs.

The Starling business euro account is aimed at small businesses that want to pay international suppliers, receive payments from the Eurozone, rent out European property as a business, and receive payments in euros as a freelancer.

The customers will be charged a flat fee of £2 per month to use the business euro account, and transfers into the account will be made at the prevailing exchange rate, plus a 0.4% fee. However, the bank charges no fees for euro to euro transactions.

Businesses of all sizes have customers and suppliers spread across different countries. Our new business euro account will make a huge difference to these kinds of business customers, who are regularly carrying out international transactions whilst operating on a tight budget
Anne Boden, founder and chief executive of Starling Bank

Starling is also developing 24/7 international currency transfer service, allowing customers to carry out transactions in case of an emergency.

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