Dutch e-commerce valued over €25B in 2019

The online retail industry in the Netherlands grew mostly due to an increase in online grocery purchases

Dutch e-commmerce

Dutch e-commerce valued over €25B in 2019. Source:

Last year, e-commerce in the Netherlands was worth €25.8 billion, according to Ecommerce News. That’s an increase of 7% compared to the situation one year before.

The data reveals that the Dutch online retail industry now accounts for 10.3% of the country’s total retail industry. It can be seen as a sign that e-commerce is maturing as well.

Last year, a total of 258 million online purchases were made, which is an increase of 4% compared to 2018. Meanwhile, the number of online buyers remained practically the same. In 2019, 96% of Dutch aged 15 years and older made at least one online purchase.

Besides, the number of online purchases increased, while the number of online shoppers stayed the same. This leads to the simple conclusion that there was more money spent per online buyer last year. In addition, online shoppers in the Netherlands spent 9% more on products and 4% more on services, compared to 2018.

The report shows that the grocery category is a key driver for the Dutch e-commerce industry. For instance, in 2019, online expenditure in this category grew 24% compared to 2018. At the same time, categories such as shoes & personal lifestyle (+19%) and consumer electronics (+16%) also showed significant growth.


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