E-commerce in Spain increased by 17%

For this year, a growth of about 20% is expected

E-commerce in Spain increased by 17%. Source:

E-commerce in Spain was worth 27.96 billion euros in 2018, Ecommerce News reports. That’s an increase of 17% compared to the previous year. For this year, a growth of about 20% is expected, which would mean ecommerce in Spain will be worth 33.56 billion euros at the end of 2019.

This is shown in the latest report on Spain from the Ecommerce Foundation. This study also shows that 2.69% of the country’s gross domestic product is expected to be made up of e-commerce sales this year. Last year, this share was at 2.33%.

Last year, 62% of the online population in Spain has shopped online. For this year, it’s expected to increase just a little bit, with 1%. Also, the Ecommerce Foundation estimates that the average online shopper in Spain will spend 1,304 euros online this year. That’s almost two hundred euros more than one year before.

There are, of course, many reasons to buy something online. For most Spanish consumers, it’s the fact they can have items delivered directly to their homes which leads them to shopping online. Another popular reason is that e-commerce is available around the clock. Cheaper prices is another important reason to buy online.

Most Spanish consumers have used their smartphones and laptops for online shopping in the past 12 months. Both are used by more than half of consumers, while the desktop was named by only 35% of Spanish consumers. Smart speakers and streaming devices are rarely (4%) being used for online shopping.

The most preferred payment method in Spain is still an online payment method (63%), such as PayPal or Amazon. Debit cards (56%) and credit cards (49%) are other popular payment methods among Spanish consumers who need to pay for the items they buy online.

With regards to ecommerce in Spain, the most returned products are clothing, shoes and consumer electronics. Clothing and consumer electronics are also among the most ordered product categories in Spain. These kinds of items, Spanish consumers like to order online rather than offline.

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