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E-commerce in the UK: forecast for 2019

E-commerce in UK to reach €200 billion in 2019

E-commerce in the UK: forecast for 2019. Source:

The business-to-consumer e-commerce turnover in the United Kingdom is expected to reach over 200 billion euros at the end of this year, Ecommerce News reports. That would mean an increase of 14.6%  compared to the situation last year, when e-commerce in the UK was worth almost 175 billion euros.

This is shown by Ecommerce Foundation’s report. The share of the British population using the internet is expected to grow 1% this year to 96%.

The Ecommerce Foundation forecasts that 87% of the online population in the United Kingdom will shop online this year.

Meanwhile, the annual amount spent per online shopper has increased significantly. In 2015, the average amount was 2,515 euros, while last year it was already 3,254 euros. For this year, the Ecommerce Foundation thinks the average online shopper will spend 3,620 euros.

In a survey, UK buyers got the question which payment method they used at least once. Over 40% said they used PayPal, while the credit card was the second most named payment method (23.7%), followed by prepaid cards (17.2%).

In the UK, home delivery during the day is still the most popular preference for online shoppers. For 61% of consumers this was the most preferred delivery method. Home delivery in evening was preferred by 14%, while delivery to the mailbox or multi-occupancy mailbox by the mail carrier is the most ideal method for 13%.

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