eBay introduces a repurchasing option 

Nearly 1.4 billion listings sold by millions of eBay sellers

'Buy Again' button

eBay introduces a repurchasing option. Source:

eBay has announced a new feature called ‘Buy Again’. The new button eliminates the necessity of finding and repurchasing the product for the second time. This way, when users go to their eBay purchasing menu, they can scroll through a list of their purchases and will see a ‘Buy Again’ button. It allows them to quickly purchase that item from the same seller that they have purchased from before.

In case the same product isn’t available from the same seller, customers can use the ‘Buy Similar’ button. This way, shoppers will see the same product sold by a different seller, the same product in a different variant, or a similar product.

This new function helps to bring buyers back to the sellers and helps buyers to discover relevant items to repurchase.

For now, the ‘Buy Again’ button is available for iOS and Android apps. By 2020, it will be added to the desktop version.


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