Ethereum-scaling protocol prototype set for testing in 2023: what will it bring? 

The testing of zkSync’s layer-3 prototype is set for 2023. How can it improve Ethereum’s scalability?

Ethereum scaling protocol

Ethereum-scaling protocol prototype set for testing in 2023: what will it bring? Source:

zkSync, a provider of zero-knowledge blockchain solutions, announced it is aiming to deploy a new EVM-compatible layer-3 prototype called “Pathfinder” on testnet early next year. 

zkSync is an L2 Ethereum scaling protocol designed to reduce network usage costs. It launched a 1.0 version in June 2020, while zkSync 2.0 launches later this month. 

L3 Pathfinder will use recursive scaling, serving as a foundation for public experimentation, research, and development of Layer 3. Although layer 2 will see a 10X–100X performance increase, ”in Layer 3 performance is limitless.”

Besides, the zkSync team is aiming to build an L3 “ecosystem of customizable and trustlessly linked blockchains powered by zkEVM that we refer to as ‘HyperChains.’” 

Therefore, L3 prototype will provide opportunities to significantly improve different areas of blockchain performance such as scaling, customization and security. 

Steve Newcomb, the chief product officer of Matter Labs — the engineering team behind zkSync — noted that after zkSyncs L2 mainnet launches later this month, there will be a testing period of roughly a month before the DApps launch. The team expects to see around 150 projects ready at launch.

When the L3 solution adds to the L2, zkSync team is going to “aggressively experiment” with its performance-enhancing potential. The key areas of the project are performance, cost, ease of use and composability.


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