European Union may fail to meet the digital targets of the decade 

AI and the adaptation of cloud technology can help accelerate growth toward the European Union’s goal.

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European Union may fail to meet the digital targets of the decade . Source:

In accordance with a report by Public First, the EU risks missing its digital objectives for the decade except for the government’s deal, reported Reuters.

More than 80% of the population should become more digital savvy, 5G communication should be available everywhere, all services provided by the state should be digitized, and the corporations should resort to cloud services, as stated in the 2030 vision conducted by the European Commission in 2021. 

The biggest blocker we have heard from our customers and what stated in this report as well is the lack of digital skills
Tanuja Randery, Managing Director at AWS

Yet, in accordance with a report supervised by Amazon Web Services, due to poor performance and a snail-paced progress, all these goals will not be met until 2040. The EU is halfway to unlocking its €1.33 trillion in economic value by 2030, but if the pace of growth accelerates, the EU could gain an additional one and a half trillion euros by 2030. Moreover, only 61% of the EU’s population will be digitally savvy. It’s far cry from the target of 80%.

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