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EziPay Joins MFS Africa to Support Remittances Across the Continent

A newly-formed partnership between African digital wallet company EziPay and digital payments gateway MFS Africa will bring last-mile connectivity for remittances across the continent

EziPay Joins MFS Africa to Support Remittances

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African digital wallet provider EziPay, which has a presence in 14 African countries, partnered with the largest mobile money hub on the continent MFS Africa, connecting over 400 million mobile money wallets and over 200 million bank accounts across Africa, to enable the interoperability of cross-continent remittances.

“With EziPay and MFS Africa joining hands to solve cross-continent remittances to Africa from Asia, Europe, the UK, and the USA, remittances for goods, services, school fees, medical transfers, business transfers, family maintenance allowances, and P2P transfers will be enabled. I firmly believe that with the MFS Africa partnership, our customers will have instant remittances to bank accounts and wallets across Africa for our ever-growing customer base.”
Amit Gaur, Co-Founder, and CEO at EziPay

Both companies are determined to bring last-mile connectivity for remittances and collections to and from mobile wallets and bank accounts, providing more possibilities, connections, and interoperability for individuals and businesses.

MFS Africa is one of the top companies leading the cross-border payments space in Africa. This digital payments gateway connects senders, recipients, and service providers across Africa’s vast and growing mobile payments ecosystem.

MFS Africa’s full-service digital network enables cross-border payments for remittance companies, financial service providers, and global merchants. Its flagship business suite Beyonic brings digital traceability, control, and seamlessness to SMEs, enterprises, and impact organisations across the continent.

EziPay provides digital wallets for inward and outward remittance to MSMEs, SMEs, and individuals across continents. Besides, this e-wallet has a Mastercard virtual card linked to it, so that customers can make payments to global online merchants through websites and mobile applications, regardless of whether they have a bank account.

Remittances represent an important tool for economic growth and poverty alleviation in Africa. Remittances sent by African migrant workers are benefiting over 200 million of their family members, the majority of whom live in rural areas (55% of the population).

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