FIS offers central banks real-time payments and CBDC tech solution

Fintech giant FIS has launched a central infrastructure payment solution through RealNet™ Central A2A payment clearing network base


FIS offers central banks real-time payments and CBDC tech solution. Source:

FIS Global launched a central infrastructure payment solution through the RealNet™ Central network that promises to assist central banks in transforming their markets into digital-first, real-time payment economies. The newly launched infrastructure is designed to help national businesses, consumers, financial institutions and government entities connect to real-time networks, both domestically and internationally. 

RealNet™ Central provides a modern common experience in RT A2A payment processing. FIS serves more than 20,000 customers in over 130 countries, providing software, services and outsourcing of the technology to nations and businesses across the globe.

Besides, FIS is now working to help central banks launch CBDCs through a virtual lab, created in collaboration with M10 Networks. The lab enables central banks, commercial banks and other financial participants to study and pilot core CBDC concepts. These include issuance, transfer, redemption, offline payments, programmable payments, retail, wholesale and cross-border payments.

"While the idea of making payments in real-time may sound simple, the reality of delivering on that promise is enormously sophisticated, especially when doing so across borders. Our latest offering sets out to change that, bringing consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments closer together in the payments ecosystem."
Aman Cheema
Head, global real-time payments and CBDCs, FIS


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