Formula to boost employee engagement remotely


Formula to boost employee engagement remotely. Source;

Smart organizations put a lot of effort in encouraging employee engagement because they value their employees. Employees who feel connected to the organization work harder, stay longer in the organization. They bring more productivity, stay motivated and motivate others as well. Through employee engagement, people feel more passionate and energized about their work.

This is a joint venture and involves participation of every resource of the company, HRs, managers, reporters, reportees, employees. It is a two-way effort which brings mutual respect, trust and fairness in the working environment. It brings more profits to the organization, more revenue and has amazing business outcomes.

Employee engagement activities create an optimistic, happy and healthy workplace. Employees are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases, eat healthier and more likely to never miss work out.  It is an approach which helps the employees to give their best each day and stay committed to the organization.

You can uplist engagement of employees in your organization if you follow these 5 simple steps, and all of them can be conducted remotely:

1. Enrolling for e-learning

While enrolling your resources for e-learning programs you have to consider their individual interests and roles in mind. Selecting a right course which fits their current role they can apply in their daily tasks proves beneficial to them, else becomes a waste of time.

Bridge LMS is an e-learning platform which helps you create a tailor-made course and tracks the progress of each employee. It is completely hassle-free and provides a seamless experience.

2. Stay in touch

Don’t abandon your resources while working from home. Keep in touch with them over video calls and timely meetings. Check their personal and professional status on a timely basis.

Setup one to one as well as group meetings weekly or monthly and ask them about their issues and concerns regarding their work. Personal touch makes the employee feel connected to the company.

3. Organizing fun activities online

Working for any organization is not an easy job. It includes a lot of stress of meeting deadlines, on time deliveries and achieving targets. To help your resources overcome stress, HRs of your company should conduct extracurricular activities.

Stress management activities like games, quizzes can be arranged over video calls and office communicators like webex, MS teams. With the internet, you can celebrate every occasion together remotely just like you used to do it in the physical workplace.

4. Conducting competitions

You should make some technological competitions like hackathon much more fun to keep the employees engaging and excited about it. It helps bring out the leader in them and also teaches them how good teamwork is done.

Do not forget to appreciate and reward them for their efforts. It is motivating when the employee feels their hard work has paid off. This will make them more effective at their job.

5. Setting up office at home for employees

Working remotely can affect one’s physical health if right ergonomic desks and chairs are not used. Common complaints that we usually face when we work lying on our beds or sofas are back pain, bad body posture and obesity. Also using the internet while we work from home brings up additional cost in the pocket.

You should provide them with office supplies. You can give them office desks, chairs and a datacard, or at least reimburse the money if they want to set it up themselves.


Employee engagement is feeling “Yay! I am going to work. I will be very productive today with my creative ideas. I am looking forward to meeting my team.” It is feeling like a family member in the organization where you feel trusted and respected. And it is simple to achieve it with the above-mentioned points.


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