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Fraudsters claim they’re from popular crypto exchange

Fraudsters are convincing people that they work for the authorized company


Fraudsters claim they’re from popular crypto exchange. Source:

The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority is cautioning against fraudsters who claim to be from

The fraudsters claim an association with Blockchain Ltd, which is a clone version of the company. However, the genuine is registered under Modulr FS Ltd and Blockchain Access UK Ltd. It also holds legitimate FCA authorization.

In the recent past, the crypto industry has experienced multiple scams that aim at stealing funds from people.

People are advised to be cautious when dealing with contacts claiming to be from These people may even have actual information.

We’ve reported that Layer X has introduced an electronic voting system based on a blockchain protocol and pursued by Tsukuba City. The objective of this blockchain system is to bring security and immutability to local elections and to support the Tsukuba City smart city.


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