Gemalto offers governments a universal ID program

New Identity Management System enables governments to guarantee all citizens online and offline access to public services and civil rights

Gemalto offers governments a universal ID program. Source:

​Gemalto is launching its Identity Management System (IDMS) that can reportedly help governments address the challenges posed by a world in which over 1 billion people have no official ID. Using the biometric capture and identity verification techniques, Gemalto’s solutions enable public authorities to empower citizens with a secure and trusted Foundational Identity. This system supports people identification and authentication so they can securely access online and offline services such as education or healthcare, and proves their right to participate in elections, apply for a passport or open a bank account. Users retain full control over their personal data, choosing how and when it is shared with service providers.

Gemalto’s IDMS provides authorities with a fully integrated, end-to-end solution which can adapt to existing identity schemes and orchestrate its interactions. The process starts with the registration of a person and capture of their biometrics, with a mobile technology ensuring coverage can reach even the most remote regions. Registration is followed by entry onto a central database or civil registry and the creation of a unique individual identifier.

This Foundational Identity can provide the basis for issuance of digital and physical ID credentials, and subsequent registration with numerous different public bodies and services. All these processes can be verified beyond doubt using the individual’s biometrics and unique identifier.

For governments, a universal ID program facilitates accurate planning of public services and social inclusion strategies. Protection against the threat of fraud is also provided, as part of the digital ID platform to boost the adoption of eServices. The Foundational Identity also eliminates the need for individual bodies, such as those responsible for health and welfare, to continually repeat enrollment procedures.

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