Gender diversity. How does this affect the working process?

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Diversity in the workplace has become a significant factor because women are equal to men and deserve the same opportunity for success as them too. Basically, gender diversity is the fair or equal representation of people from different genders in an organization. However, having both genders is not enough to be able to say that your workplace is diverse.

We researched the topic of diversity and different problems in the working process connected to it. And all this information can be presented in different types of essay papers from different sources that go over this topic, and many of these papers and diversity essay example agree that a workplace is diverse only if they provide a safe environment for women, have strong anti-harassment policies, and if the balance of power in the organization is equal. And only then would the organization be able to enjoy the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace.

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Gender diversity. How does this affect the working process?. Source:

Benefits of gender diversity in the workplace:

A wider talent pool – organizations that don’t support gender diversity, and don’t motivate women to join them, are missing out on the abilities and talents of half of the population. And by having an equal mix of men and women, you can have many benefits from multiple perspectives, which will result in an increased level of innovation and creativity in your team.

Enhanced collaboration – having women on teams can improve group collaboration. Many researchers state that women have stronger teaching and learning skills. They are also greater at talking to people and forming conversation, which will make it easier for them to share their knowledge and education with the whole team. And it will build stronger communication between the employees.

A better reflection of customers – if your organization reflects your customers, you will have better chances to communicate effectively with them. That means that having different genders and ethnicities will be of huge help.

Improves reputation – having a diverse workplace can be a powerful recruiting tool and getting that reputation of an inclusive employer will positively affect and enhance the reputation of the organization in the marketplace.

Greater profitability – according to research, companies who are diverse have 21% more chances to achieve above-average profitability. Making diversity a great benefit for your company.

Improve your understanding of customers’ needs – if your business is not oriented towards a specific gender, your customers should come from different backgrounds. And by having employees of mixed gender, you will always have an employee who is going to understand the needs of the customer.

Improved firm performance – having a woman in top management can have many positive effects on the firm’s performance. The female executives are better at interpreting signals of productivity, especially from other female workers. They also positively impact the top of the wage distribution.

Challenges that gender diversity in the workplace faces:

But as with everything else, gender diversity in the workplace also has some challenges that it should overcome:

Unsolved conflict – when people have different perspectives, most of the time they cannot agree, and that can cause conflicts.

Poor communication – this is another big problem that can happen in a diverse workplace, so companies need to encourage their employees to openly discuss their different points of view.

Turnover – if the already mentioned problems are poorly managed, dissatisfied employees will quit, and with that, the organization is at risk of losing talented employees, so they need to provide a safe and motivating environment where both genders are welcomed and treated the same way.


Since females are treated differently from men because of stereotypes, they earn less and occupy fewer management and leadership positions than men. But thanks to the much evidence showing that females can be very beneficial for an organization, many employers decide to take a step ahead and make gender diversity a priority at their workplace.


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