Global companies join efforts to fight against coronavirus in China

Emerging technologies transform China into a testing ground due to the coronavirus outbreak


Global companies join efforts to fight against coronavirus in China. Source:

Tech startups are working with government agencies, clinicians and academics to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, says GlobalData.

For instance, Canadian startup BlueDot used AI and machine learning to detect the coronavirus outbreak even before the Chinese authorities did. The AI algorithm analyzed news reports, social media platforms, and government documents to predict the outbreak.

Along with that, Chinese medical robot developer TMiRob provided 10 disinfection robots across major hospitals in Wuhan to contain the spread of Covid-19. These robots are easily moving into a quarantined zone to sterilize virus without human intervention.

The research revealed that some of the blockchain-powered services are helping hospitals to reduce the time spent on administrative work. This way, China’s Xiang Hu Bao is offering a blockchain platform to accelerate the claims processing, reducing face-to-face contact.

Besides, Singapore’s AI startup Antwork has launched the first urban air transportation channel to deliver medical supplies between the hospital and the county’s disease control center

In addition to that, Japan’s startup Bespoke has launched a chatbot ‘Bebot’ offer the latest updates to travelers on the coronavirus outbreak.


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