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Global digital and crypto banking platform unveiled the rebranding

Black Banx will continue to serve more than 8 million existing clients of WB21

Global digital and crypto banking platform unveiled the rebranding. Source:

WB21 today formally unveiled the rebranding of its digital and crypto banking platform to Black Banx. For 18 months, the Black Banx team has worked to develop and launch the platform to serve their 8 million pre-existing clients of WB21.

Black Banx is a more expressive name and logo – better representing our business activities and the company's rebel approach in the banking industry. Black Banx stands for the liberalization of banking, combining cryptocurrency and banking at a level that no other financial institution would offer. We're incredibly excited to make this evolution that will bring our clients new and unique offerings while welcoming new clients who are eager to delve into the world of cryptocurrency
Michael Gastauer, Black Banx founder and CEO

Black Banx`s philosophy is to offer accounts to private and business clients that would typically have difficulties establishing a bank account with other financial institutions. Customers operating in the cryptocurrency space are often “blacklisted” and denied financial products and services from traditional banking operators – despite the emergence and growth of cryptocurrency in the world economy.

Black Banx offers complete virtual account creation, using a unique business model that allows users to open their accounts in less than eight minutes. By coupling newer financial technologies such as the blockchain and cryptocurrency with traditional banking infrastructure, Black Banx is able to process cross-border payments with speed and ease. As a result, the Black Banx platform currently processes transactions exceeding $10 billion USD per month in 180 countries.

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