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Global direct transfers can now be done via Western Union

The payment system also allows customers to transact online and pay via cash in Al Fardan Exchange locations


Global direct transfers can now be done via Western Union. Source:

The global payments firm launched the high-value direct-accounts transfers from the United Arab Emirates, according to This targets the multibillion-dollar remittance global sector.

The global cross-border payments firm collaborated with a leading financial service provider, Al Fardan Exchange. The collaboration paves way for enhanced business practices that will enhance remittance solutions for consumers.

United Arab Emirates-based customers can now remit up to AED 182,600, an equivalent of UDS50,000. These transactions can be carried out from their accounts via their smartphones to the bank accounts worldwide. Customers can either use the Western Union mobile app or WU.COM. Direct remittances can also be made from the Al Fardan Exchange retail locations in the country to bank accounts.

This milestone will cater to the diverse money remittance needs of consumers in the UAE. Customers will also get access to money transfer avenues at competitive prices not to forget the speed, convenience and transparency. This move will also lead to global development, financial inclusion and economic growth.

With the revamped website and Western Union’s mobile app, customers in the UAE can remit money to their loved ones from the comfort of their homes. This 24/7 payout service will be available at Western Union’s Global bank accounts, agent locations and wallets. Customers can pay for the remittances on the website or app using credit cards, debit cards and even bank transfers.

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