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Google brings two of its services together

To make traveling easier, Google Maps launches a brand new feature

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Google brings two of its services together. Source:

Although visiting foreign countries has become a common thing, the language barrier still exists, preventing tourists from comfort travel. That’s why Google decided to bring Google Maps and Google Translator closer together.

A new translator feature will enable the smartphone to speak out a place’s name and address in the local lingo. Principles of its operation are simple – users have to tap the speaker button next to the place name or address, and Google Maps will say it out loud.

And in case people want to have a deeper conversation, Google Maps will quickly link them to the Google Translate app. The text-to-speech technology automatically detects what language a user’s phone is using to determine which places a person might need help translating.

The new feature will be rolling out in November on Android and iOS with support for 50 languages and more on the way.