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Google launched a new startup program

This would boost sustainability products development

Startup accelerator

Google launched a new startup program. Source:

Google launched a startup accelerator to support the projects focused on sustainable development. The accelerator provides access to training, products and technical support so that startups could achieve their goals easier. Google engineers from over 20 teams, third-party experts, and local mentors will work with startup founders.

Google will select startups, according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

Despite the fact Google cannot promise direct investment in graduates of the program, it will introduce the winner to investors for further cooperation.

Google Startup Accelerator promises a challenging experience for the developers. Firstly, the program seeks to bring startups together with the best technology products and data, so that people could build expertise. In addition to that, the accelerator will help founders connect with the audiences of their interest, such as potential users, investors, and advertisers.


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