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Google Pay is now available to another bank’s customers

UniCredit is the only bank in Italy to provide its clients with all four major mobile payment services

Google Pay is now available to another bank’s customers. Source:

Starting from today, December 4, UniCredit’s Italian card-holders can use Google Pay, the fast and easy way to pay with Google.

UniCredit can download the Google Pay application or activate the ‘Money’ app in the mobile banking app ‘UniCredit’, add their credit, debit and prepaid cards to it and start using the service for making payments in stores, online, and with Google products.

Google Pay doesn’t share actual credit or debit card number for making the payment. It instead uses a virtual account number to show the customer’s account information meaning that the actual card details stay safe and secure.

Starting today, users can link their UniCredit cards to Google Pay once and then use Google Pay to make safe and fast purchases in millions of places in Italy and around the world.

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