Google Services stop working for users worldwide: UPD

The company is yet to comment on the issues


Google Services stop working for users worldwide: UPD. Source:

Google, Gmail, YouTube are currently unavailable for users around the world today, on December 14th.

According to DownDetector, of those who reported issues with YouTube, 49% weren’t able to access the website while 45% couldn’t watch videos. At the same time, 5% of users couldn’t log in to the website.

As to Gmail, 76% couldn’t log in, 17% couldn’t reach the website. Meanwhile, 5% of users did not receive messages.

All of the Gmail users were greeted with a message stating: “Sorry, there seems to be a problem. The service you’re looking for is temporarily unavailable. We’re working hard to restore your access as soon as possible. Please try again in a few hours. Thanks for your patience.’

Meanwhile, Google Drive apps have been affected as well. DownDetector reveals that 85% of users couldn’t load the apps, while 11% had log-in issues. Also, 3% were not able to sync their files.

Update: the issue has been resolved, however, the company hasn’t given an official statement on what happened yet.


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